Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

‘Come live the boat life for a journey to remember’

What time can I check in?

Check in 14:00hrs

What time can I check out?

Check out is 10:00hrs

What is a brief?

A brief is a talk about the safety aspects of the boats facilities. This takes no longer than 30mins and will need to be signed off in an agreement once you’re happy.

Why a Damage Deposit?

A damage deposit of £500 is refundable 48hrs after you vacate, as long as there no damage to any part of the boat or the garden. This is security for the business.

What are call out charges?

After our 30min brief, you will sign of all the aspects of the boats facilities. Failing to comply will lead to a call out which could charge up £250.

Where is it?

Flotel suite is moored on the canal of Riley Green just of the M65, 100 yards from the roundabout head for Houghton.

The Address is – Tipi’s at Riley Green, Bolton Rd, Hoghton, Preston, PR5 0SP

You will need to access through the private gates, a visitors code will be sent 72hrs before your arrival. You will need to follow the road down, pass the Tipi’s on your left to your private parking area. From there you will see sign posts leading to your boat.

How do I contact someone during my stay?

On arrival you will be met by our in house team, who will have a welcome pack waiting for you with all the contacts and information you may require.

Where can I eat?

A personal chef can be hired during your stay, please have a look at our packages. Or there is some local country pubs nearby. So if you prefer to eat out?

The Royal Oak or Houghton Arms offer fresh quality products with a very high standard at a reasonable price and only 5min drive away.

Is there any amenities nearby?

Yes there is a Shell Garage 5mins drive from your boat. Offering a large spar and subway. Most things you need to purchase will be in there.

Can we walk or cycle nearby?

Yes. We have the stunning views on your door step.

You have the beautiful Leeds to Liverpool canal with miles of flat walkways.

Or, you could head for the fields and follow the footpaths to more spectacular views of the moors and countryside.

Can I swim in the canal?

No. It’s prohibited to swim in the canal.

Can I bring my pets?

No. Sorry no pets are allowed onboard ‘Showtime’.

Can I bring guests?.

Yes. 2 guests are allowed to join your party or package at an addition cost of £99pp but will need to leave the premisses for 20:00.

If your guests wish to join you for part of your stay, please let us know no later than 48hrs before arriving so we can prepare.

How do I leave if I need to?

On arrival your welcome pack will include a gate fob, which can be used anytime during your stay. Please hand this back after your stay.

Can I smoke?

Yes. Smoking is only prohibited in designated areas, please use the ashtrays provided. There is NO smoking inside the boat.

Failure to do so will lead to a £100 fine.

Can I drink in the hot tub?

Yes. But no glass is allowed due to health and safety, please use our plastic glasses available.

Can I play music?

Yes. But please respect your neighbours.

We advise keeping music down to a minimum throughout.

Can I sail your boat?

No. Our boat requires a trained sailor.

But we offer a Captain & Co-Pilot package. Please see our packages for more details.